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a stylish dyke is really what it may sound like: a lesbian who likes all of them some sporting events. Or at least, look truly hot in leggings. It is similar to if the lesbian world were Spice globe. We have

baby dykes

stylish dykes, frightening dykes (your ex’s ex), posh dykes (

high femmes

), and ginger dykes (red-headed lesbians?). Lady power!

a sporty dyke is a lesbian exactly who really loves them some sports. Or at the minimum, they look great in athleisure.

Understanding stylish dyke style?

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, a stylish dyke is actually “a lesbian exactly who dresses in stylish clothes and takes on countless sport.” Therefore in the event a sporty dyke isn’t really


at recreations, they could still be thought about a stylish dyke should they use enough athleisure. (Not to be mistaken for some


whom use athleisure but never ever get outside.)

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Usually, sporty dykes tend to be





, meaning they have much more masculine-leaning energy and style, or are more throughout the “masculine” side of the butch/femme level. But just by the U.S. team, there are a great number of really hot sporty femme dykes also. And even though abs aren’t expected to end up being a sporty dyke, they are valued.

Let’s be honest, after soft butch king Katie Sowers coached in the ultra Bowl in 2010, we mostly all turned into stylish dykes.

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